This is a selection of legends from the Urban Legends Reference Pages that I think can inspire interesting or funny stories. If you think I left out one that you really, really, really want for your story, just tell me about it.

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# Legend Category Edition Used
39 Kids leave turkey neck sticking out of Dad's pants; Mom faints when she sees cat gnawing on it. Risque: Penile 1 No
95 Copulating couple becomes stuck together in a case of penis captivus. Risque: Penile 1 No
98 A man seeking sexual pleasure catches his penis in a swimming pool suction fitting. Risque: Penile 1 No
99 The penis of gangster John Dillinger is on display at a Smithsonian museum. Risque: Penile 1 No
184 Man faints at discotheque after stuffing a cucumber into his pants. Risque: Penile 2 No
185 Man staples scrotum back together after slicing it open while masturbating with shop machinery. Risque: Penile 2 No
186 Woman who suffers a seizure clamps down on the penis of the man she's orally pleasuring. Risque: Penile 2 No