This is a selection of legends from the Urban Legends Reference Pages that I think can inspire interesting or funny stories. If you think I left out one that you really, really, really want for your story, just tell me about it.

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# Legend Category Edition Used
61 Terrorist attempting to light the fuse to a bomb hidden in his rectum is foiled by airline personnel. Humor: Iftrue 1 No
62 Pacific Palisades High School placed an unusual message on their school telephone answering system. Humor: Iftrue 1 No
63 Researchers have developed genetically engineered fruit trees that bear meat. Humor: Iftrue 1 No
64 Roto-Rooter men find lots of strange things found in customers' drains. Humor: Iftrue 1 Yes
65 A medical study has determined that working with idiots is 'one of the deadliest forms of stress.' Humor: Iftrue 1 Yes
204 Nostradamus predicted that December 2000 would see "the village idiot come forth to be acclaimed the leader in the home of greatest power." Humor: Iftrue 2 No
205 An 83-year-old grandmother beat up six airport security guards. Humor: Iftrue 2 Claimed
206 U.S. Congress considers passage of the "Americans with No Abilities" Act. Humor: Iftrue 2 No