This is a selection of legends from the Urban Legends Reference Pages that I think can inspire interesting or funny stories. If you think I left out one that you really, really, really want for your story, just tell me about it.

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# Legend Category Edition Used
35 Carpet installer pounds bump flat, then discovers family pet is missing. Critters: Mishaps 1 No
36 Destructive act is blamed on convenient pet. Critters: Mishaps 1 Yes
37 Dutiful son sends expensive talking bird to Mom, who mistakes it for a game bird and eats it. Critters: Mishaps 1 No
152 Kitten is catapulted over treetops during rescue attempt. Critters: Mishaps 2 No
153 Firemen successfully rescue stranded cat then run over it. Critters: Mishaps 2 No
154 Tranquilizer given to cat causes opposite reaction. Critters: Mishaps 2 Yes
155 Frustrated soldier throws snooty lady's dog off train; bystander comments he'd gotten rid of the wrong irritant. Critters: Mishaps 2 No
156 Match used to splint a budgie's injured leg ignites and causes the bird to explode. Critters: Mishaps 2 No