This is a selection of legends from the Urban Legends Reference Pages that I think can inspire interesting or funny stories. If you think I left out one that you really, really, really want for your story, just tell me about it.

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# Legend Category Edition Used
20 Crooks unintentionally turn themselves in by calling 911. Crime: Dumdum 1 No
23 Gang initiates in the Memphis and DeSoto areas must kill a woman and small child in a Wal-Mart. Crime: Gangs 1 No
24 Three streakers had their car stolen while they were running nude through a restaurant. Crime: Deserts 1 No
25 Clever people enticed thieves into "stealing" their trash during garbage strikes by gift-wrapping it. Crime: Mootloot 1 Claimed
27 Dough from an exploded biscuit canister leads a woman to believe she's been shot. Crime: Safety 1 No
28 Old lady pulls gun on men she finds sitting in her car, then discovers that it's not her car. Crime: Justice 1 No
29 Some older model cordless phones call 911 by themselves when their batteries are dying. Crime: Safety 1 Yes
30 Gun-toting Australian granny blows the testicles off two men who raped her granddaughter. Crime: Justice 1 No
31 A serial killer in Baton Rouge lures women from their homes by playing a recording of a crying baby. Crime: Warnings 1 Yes
32 Rapists are using little children who appear to be lost to lure victims. Crime: Warnings 1 No
147 Japanese thieves send a 'thank you' note to a bank after robbing it. Crime: Clever 2 No
148 Mistaken belief that car radios in Fords contain chips that pick up satellite TV spurs car vandals. Crime: Mootloot 2 No
149 Man who can't motivate police to investigate a break-in attempt at his home reports a shooting instead. Crime: Safety 2 No
150 Kryptonite brand locks can be picked with ordinary Bic pens. Crime: Warnings 2 Yes
151 Some residence locks are vulnerable to unauthorized entry through the use of "bump keys." Crime: Warnings 2 No