This is a selection of legends from the Urban Legends Reference Pages that I think can inspire interesting or funny stories. If you think I left out one that you really, really, really want for your story, just tell me about it.

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# Legend Category Edition Used
6 Student returning to dorm room naked is surprised by his girlfriend and her parents. College: Embarrass 1 No
7 Female student asks biology instructor why semen tastes so salty. College: Risque 1 No
8 Actor disguised as a beggar used to test divinity students' compassion. College: Exam 1 No
9 Statues bow or call out messages when a virgin walks by. College: Halls 1 Yes
10 Odd-looking building got that way because someone read the plans wrong and built it backwards. College: Halls 1 No
13 Angry fraternity exacts revenge on its enemies with adulterated donuts. College: Pranks 1 No
14 Hooker sent to a john's room turns out to be his daughter. College: Risque 1 Claimed
    70 Young man discovers pharmacist who sold him condoms is his date's father. College: Risque 1 Yes
    136 Respected instructor is forced by university regulations to obtain an advanced degree in the subject he already teaches; the first class he enrolls in uses a textbook he wrote. College: Admin 2 No
    137 Students who arrive to find a tape recorder spewing the day's lecture retaliate by leaving tape recorders of their own behind to capture it. College: Admin 2 No
    138 College fills open faculty position through cynical job posting. College: Admin 2 No
    139 A physics professor gives a final examination that requires his students to explain how to measure the height of a tall building using a barometer. Instead of the expected answer, one student provides several unique but technically correct alternative solutions to the problem. College: Exam 2 No
    140 Student provides clever support for his answer about the physical properties of Hell. College: Exam 2 No
    141 Professor enters classroom through transom to spring pop quiz. College: Exam 2 No
    142 Student under the influence writes bizarre exam paper. College: Exam 2 No
    143 Student mistakes example of unsolvable math problem for homework assignment and solves it. College: Homework 2 Claimed
    144 Professor recognizes resubmission of his own term paper. College: Homework 2 No
    145 Class trains professor to stand in one corner of classroom. College: Pranks 2 No