This is a selection of legends from the Urban Legends Reference Pages that I think can inspire interesting or funny stories. If you think I left out one that you really, really, really want for your story, just tell me about it.

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# Legend Category Edition Used
115 Tampon used to stanch deadly wound saves Marine's life. Military 2 Yes
116 A mechanic working in a car's trunk mistaken for a kidnapping victim. Autos: Mishaps 2 No
117 The military puts saltpeter in the food and drink of enlisted men to control their sexual urges. Military 2 Yes
118 Cake inscriptions gone wrong. Food: Prepare 2 Yes
119 An adulterous couple trysting in a sports car becomes trapped inside the automobile (and each other) and has to be cut out by the fire department. Love: Betrayal 2 No
120 A motorist who has a run-in with ruffians afterwards finds the severed fingers of his assailants caught on his car. Horrors: Gruesome 2 No
121 The remains of a smoldering JATO-equipped Chevrolet Impala were found embedded in the side of a cliff in the Arizona desert. Autos: Dream 2 No
122 An older woman takes revenge on the sassy young thing who brazenly zips into the parking space she'd been waiting for. Autos: Insurance 2 No
123 Sober patron staggers out of bar at closing time to lure police away from his drunken friends. Autos: Law 2 No
124 Motorist caught speeding by photo radar pays fine with picture of money; police send him photo of handcuffs in return. Autos: Law 2 No
125 Driver sets the cruise control on his vehicle, then slips into the backseat for a nap. Autos: Techno 2 No
126 Car's bad performance is caused by the driver's hanging her purse on the choke lever. Autos: Techno 2 No
127 Mold that forms in pancake mix can cause life-threatening allergic reaction. Medical: Toxins 2 Claimed
  • McKay/Sheppard story claimed by krysalys
128 Cars equipped with remote keyless entry systems can be unlocked via cell phone. Autos: Techno 2 Yes
129 Adding acetone to gasoline in an effort to improve gas mileage is a good idea. Autos: Techno 2 No
130 American Express issues a special black card that allows its holders to buy anything. Business: Bank 2 No
131 A bank issued a credit card to a tree. Business: Bank 2 No
132 Apology letter sent to a wronged customer is marred by attached instructions to send the recipient the standard grovel. Business: Consumer 2 No
133 Customers whose guaranteed hotel reservations were not honored protest by preparing humorous PowerPoint presentation. Business: Consumer 2 No
134 Famous fix-it man charges $1 for marking an 'X' and $4,999 for knowing where to make it. Business: Genius 2 No
135 A store made good on its offer to sell stereos for "299 bananas" when customers proffered the fruit as payment. Business: Deals 2 No
136 Respected instructor is forced by university regulations to obtain an advanced degree in the subject he already teaches; the first class he enrolls in uses a textbook he wrote. College: Admin 2 No
137 Students who arrive to find a tape recorder spewing the day's lecture retaliate by leaving tape recorders of their own behind to capture it. College: Admin 2 No
138 College fills open faculty position through cynical job posting. College: Admin 2 No
139 A physics professor gives a final examination that requires his students to explain how to measure the height of a tall building using a barometer. Instead of the expected answer, one student provides several unique but technically correct alternative solutions to the problem. College: Exam 2 No
140 Student provides clever support for his answer about the physical properties of Hell. College: Exam 2 No
141 Professor enters classroom through transom to spring pop quiz. College: Exam 2 No
142 Student under the influence writes bizarre exam paper. College: Exam 2 No
143 Student mistakes example of unsolvable math problem for homework assignment and solves it. College: Homework 2 Claimed
144 Professor recognizes resubmission of his own term paper. College: Homework 2 No
145 Class trains professor to stand in one corner of classroom. College: Pranks 2 No
146 Microsoft is marketing the iLoo, an Internet-capable portable toilet. Computer: Internet 2 No
147 Japanese thieves send a 'thank you' note to a bank after robbing it. Crime: Clever 2 No
148 Mistaken belief that car radios in Fords contain chips that pick up satellite TV spurs car vandals. Crime: Mootloot 2 No
149 Man who can't motivate police to investigate a break-in attempt at his home reports a shooting instead. Crime: Safety 2 No
150 Kryptonite brand locks can be picked with ordinary Bic pens. Crime: Warnings 2 Yes
151 Some residence locks are vulnerable to unauthorized entry through the use of "bump keys." Crime: Warnings 2 No
152 Kitten is catapulted over treetops during rescue attempt. Critters: Mishaps 2 No
153 Firemen successfully rescue stranded cat then run over it. Critters: Mishaps 2 No
154 Tranquilizer given to cat causes opposite reaction. Critters: Mishaps 2 Yes
155 Frustrated soldier throws snooty lady's dog off train; bystander comments he'd gotten rid of the wrong irritant. Critters: Mishaps 2 No
156 Match used to splint a budgie's injured leg ignites and causes the bird to explode. Critters: Mishaps 2 No
157 Dog leads wife to home of husband's mistress. Love: Betrayal 2 No
158 A child smuggles a penguin out of an amusement park. Critters: Farce 2 No
159 Crafters have been asked to knit sweaters for oil-soaked penguins. Critters: Crusader 2 Claimed
  • McKay/Sheppard story claimed by sidrin
160 The Oregon Department of Transportation blew up a dead whale. Critters: Disposal 2 Yes
161 Wild pachyderm wreaks havoc on Indian village after falling in love with domesticated elephant. Critters: Gnus 2 No
162 Amorous moose woos a lawn ornament. Critters: Gnus 2 No
163 Snakes have been used as weapons in hold-ups. Critters: Gnus 2 No
164 Woman smuggles snakes into Sweden by carrying them in her bra. Critters: Gnus 2 No
165 Attorney General John Ashcroft believes calico cats are a sign of the devil. Critters: Gnus 2 No
166 Love Bugs are the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong. Critters: Lurkers 2 No
167 Boy mistakes baby snakes for worms while fishing. Critters: Snakes 2 No
168 Porcupines can throw their quills from a distance. Critters: Wild 2 No
169 Bonobos and dolphins are the only animals other than humans who engage in sex for pleasure. Critters: Wild 2 No
170 Indonesian villagers captured a 49-foot, 983-pound python. Critters: Wild 2 No
171 A mysterious bolt in a bedroom floor turns out to be holding up the chandelier in the room below. Embarrass: Accident 2 No
172 Law firm secretary sends caustic reply to senior associate's e-mail request for a £4 cleaning bill reimbursement. Embarrass: Email 2 No
173 A stock clerk's mishearing leads to an embarrassing question being broadcast over the store's P.A. system. Embarrass: Feminine 2 No
174 A youngster embarrassingly confuses sanitary pads with dinner napkins. Embarrass: Feminine 2 No
175 Intern for U.S. senator sends embarrassing break-up e-mail to his girlfriend. Embarrass: Email 2 No
176 A woman stuck to a toilet seat provides a physician with an opportunity for the perfect bon mot. Embarrass: Doctor 2 No
177 Restroom user responds to cell phone user's conversation overheard from the next stall. Embarrass: Mistaken 2 No
178 Clueless cooks in the process of commiting Thanksgiving mayhem call turkey hot lines. Holidays: Thanksgiving 2 No
179 For twenty-five years, two brothers-in-law traded the same pair of gift pants back and forth between them, each time finding more inventive ways to wrap them. Holidays: Christmas 2 Yes
180 Bride cancels her wedding after announcing that the groom slept with the maid of honor. Weddings: Embarrass 2 No
181 Couple is caught taking risqué pictures in an amusement park photo booth. Risque: Caught 2 Yes
182 Young couple is surprised by party guests while engaging in sexual play. Risque: Caught 2 No
183 Young couple stains a white sofa during anal sex and blame it on the dog. Risque: Kinky 2 No
184 Man faints at discotheque after stuffing a cucumber into his pants. Risque: Penile 2 No
185 Man staples scrotum back together after slicing it open while masturbating with shop machinery. Risque: Penile 2 No
186 Woman who suffers a seizure clamps down on the penis of the man she's orally pleasuring. Risque: Penile 2 No
187 Woman is impregnated with sperm carried by bullet. Pregnant 2 No
188 Daughter uses mother's birth control pills and replaces them with aspirin. Pregnant 2 No
189 The exotic medallion worn so proudly by a society matron bears an embarrassing inscription identifying her as a prostitute. Risque: Hookers 2 No
190 AIDS victim exacts revenge on opposite sex by deliberately infecting lovers. Horrors: Madmen 2 No
191 Woman's ribald telephone message describing her previous night's date is forwarded all over town. Risque: Tattled 2 No
192 Brain-damaged LSD user believes himself to be glass of orange juice. Horrors: Drugs 2 Yes
193 Gnome captured in the woods by drug-tripping teens turns out to be lost child. Horrors: Drugs 2 No
194 Zero Population Growth terrorists have taken to boobytrapping toilets in men's restrooms. Horrors: Mayhem 2 No
195 A vaguely menacing dream keeps a woman from being involved in a fatal crash. Horrors: Ghosts 2 Claimed
196 Onlookers notice that the stranger dancing with a local girl has cloven hooves. Horrors: Ghosts 2 No
197 The spiral stairway at Santa Fe's Loretto Chapel miraculously stands despite having no discernable means of support. Horrors: Ghosts 2 No
198 Careless industrial worker is blinded for life when his contact lenses fuse to his eyes. Horrors: Techno 2 No
199 Amusement park accident results in scalping. Horrors: Techno 2 No
200 A construction worker survived an accident which poked an 18-inch-long drill bit through one eye and out through his skull. Horrors: Techno 2 No
201 Motorcyclist on bike that has lost its brakes gives helmet to girlfriend, saving her life at the cost of his own. Horrors: Traffic 2 No
202 Microsoft employee tells difficult customer he's "too stupid to own a computer." Humor: Business 2 No
203 Insect-infested house is destroyed when too many "bug bombs" set by owner are ignited. Humor: Follies 2 No
204 Nostradamus predicted that December 2000 would see "the village idiot come forth to be acclaimed the leader in the home of greatest power." Humor: Iftrue 2 No
205 An 83-year-old grandmother beat up six airport security guards. Humor: Iftrue 2 Claimed
206 U.S. Congress considers passage of the "Americans with No Abilities" Act. Humor: Iftrue 2 No
207 Native Americans provide NASA with a cryptic message to take to the moon. Humor: Jokes 2 No
208 Humorous list compiles a collection of howlers gleaned from patients' medical charts. Humor: Lists 2 No
209 Job seeker sends sarcastic employment application to McDonald's and is hired. Humor: Letters 2 No
210 A one-item psych test will reveal the psychopaths in your life. Inboxer: Hoaxes 2 No
211 Hunting for Bambi, a Las Vegas-based business, has been conducting "hunts" of naked women for customers armed with paintball guns. Inboxer: Outrage 2 No
212 Young man tries to distract his date's parents from his dinnertime faux paus by inadvertently calling their attention to an even more embarrassing situation. Love: Dating 2 No
213 A man having dinner with his fiancée's parents zips the edge of the tablecloth into his pants by mistake. Love: Dating 2 No
214 Abandoned wife throws herself out a window and lands on her husband. Love: Revenge 2 No
215 A deceived woman exacts revenge on her married lover by slipping his wedding ring onto his penis. Love: Revenge 2 No
216 A drug called Progesterex is being used by date rapers to sterilize their victims. Medical: Drugs 2 No
217 Drug traffickers are hiding small amounts of ricin in methamphetamine labs to kill law enforcement officers. Medical: Toxins 2 No
218 Use of a laptop computer can reduce a man's sperm count. Medical: Toxins 2 No
219 The family of a POW are reassured by letter sent by their son until they steam off the stamp and read what's written there. Military 2 No
220 Bigot who demands the local military provide suitable escorts for his teen daughters is given his comeuppance. Military 2 No
221 A photograph of a shark jumping out of the water to attack a diver dangling from a helicopter is real. Photos: Animals 2 No
222 "Dogs and sailors: Keep off the grass" admonishments were commonly displayed in U.S. naval towns. Military 2 No
223 The youngest mother on record was a five-year-old Peruvian girl. Pregnant 2 No
224 Drug test cheater is caught when urinalysis reveals that he's pregnant. Pregnant 2 No
225 NASA scientists discovered a lost day in time. Religion 2 No
226 Marking 'Jedi' as your religion on census forms will force your government to grant it official status. Religion 2 Claimed
227 A blind girl "saw" the flash of the first atomic bomb test. Science 2 No
228 The average person swallows eight spiders per year. Science: Stats 2 No
229 A study undertaken by the World Health Organization concluded that natural blondes are likely to be extinct within 200 years. Science: Stats 2 No
230 Sneezing seven times in a row is the same as an orgasm. Science: Stats 2 No
231 It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Science 2 No
232 Pouring salt water into their coin slots will induce vending machines to dispense free product. Science 2 No
233 Bride's mix-up results in an embarrassingly inappropriate Bible verse being inscribed on her wedding cake. Weddings: Embarrass 2 No
234 A scorned woman dumped a bucket of manure onto the bride who ended up with her boyfriend. Weddings: Embarrass 2 No
235 Bride and groom are arrested after fighting over cake-feeding custom. Weddings: Embarrass 2 No
236 A bride kidnapped on her honeymoon turns up years later as a mutilated freak in a sex show. Weddings: Horrors 2 No
237 Pilot locks himself out of the cockpit and has to use a fire axe to get back to the controls. Travel: Airline 2 Yes
238 A man soared three miles above Los Angeles in an "aircraft" consisting of a lawn chair tethered to helium weather balloons. Travel: Airline 2 No