This is a selection of legends from the Urban Legends Reference Pages that I think can inspire interesting or funny stories. If you think I left out one that you really, really, really want for your story, just tell me about it.

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# Legend Category Edition Used
1 Adulterous couple gets stuck in automobile during tryst. Love: Betrayal 1 Yes
2 Ghostly handprints appear on cars at a San Antonio railway crossing. Horrors: Ghosts 1 Claimed
3 A well-guarded car proves not to be so well guarded after all when it's found one morning turned around in its parking spot, sporting a "If we want it, we'll take it" note from the mischievous thieves. Autos: Theft 1 Yes
4 Coca-Cola is an effective spermicide. Cokelore 1 No
5 Combining Coca-Cola and aspirin will get you high. Cokelore 1 Claimed
6 Student returning to dorm room naked is surprised by his girlfriend and her parents. College: Embarrass 1 No
7 Female student asks biology instructor why semen tastes so salty. College: Risque 1 No
8 Actor disguised as a beggar used to test divinity students' compassion. College: Exam 1 No
9 Statues bow or call out messages when a virgin walks by. College: Halls 1 Yes
10 Odd-looking building got that way because someone read the plans wrong and built it backwards. College: Halls 1 No
11 Famous psychic predicts Halloween murder on campus. Horrors: Madmen 1 Yes
12 University of Texas student loses both kidneys to organ thieves. Horrors: Robbery 1 Yes
13 Angry fraternity exacts revenge on its enemies with adulterated donuts. College: Pranks 1 No
14 Hooker sent to a john's room turns out to be his daughter. College: Risque 1 Claimed
    15 Summer intern at prestigious law firm sends embarrassing message to co-workers. Embarrass: Email 1 Yes
    16 Japanese software replaces Microsoft error messages with haiku poetry. Computer: Internet 1 Yes
    17 Account claims Dell is selling computers with keyboard loggers installed at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security Computer: Internet 1 No
    18 Police fool a criminal into confessing through a ruse involving a photocopier and a colander. Legal 1 Yes
    • McKay/Sheppard story claimed by js1gump
    19 Rapists lure victims by posing as police officers and initiating traffic stops. Horrors: Mayhem 1 No
    20 Crooks unintentionally turn themselves in by calling 911. Crime: Dumdum 1 No
    21 Prospective gang members are initiated by killing the drivers of cars who flash their headlights at them. Horrors: Madmen 1 No
    22 Gang members are depositing a deadly mixture of LSD and strychnine on pay phone buttons. Horrors: Mayhem 1 Yes
    23 Gang initiates in the Memphis and DeSoto areas must kill a woman and small child in a Wal-Mart. Crime: Gangs 1 No
    24 Three streakers had their car stolen while they were running nude through a restaurant. Crime: Deserts 1 No
    25 Clever people enticed thieves into "stealing" their trash during garbage strikes by gift-wrapping it. Crime: Mootloot 1 Claimed
    26 Thieves make off with a suitcase, only to find it contains a wildcat. Critters: Farce 1 No
    27 Dough from an exploded biscuit canister leads a woman to believe she's been shot. Crime: Safety 1 No
    28 Old lady pulls gun on men she finds sitting in her car, then discovers that it's not her car. Crime: Justice 1 No
    29 Some older model cordless phones call 911 by themselves when their batteries are dying. Crime: Safety 1 Yes
    30 Gun-toting Australian granny blows the testicles off two men who raped her granddaughter. Crime: Justice 1 No
    31 A serial killer in Baton Rouge lures women from their homes by playing a recording of a crying baby. Crime: Warnings 1 Yes
    32 Rapists are using little children who appear to be lost to lure victims. Crime: Warnings 1 No
    33 Elephant kills zookeeper by defecating on him. Critters: Malice 1 No
    34 Seeing eye dog named Lucky causes the deaths of four of his owners. Critters: Malice 1 Yes
    35 Carpet installer pounds bump flat, then discovers family pet is missing. Critters: Mishaps 1 No
    36 Destructive act is blamed on convenient pet. Critters: Mishaps 1 Yes
    37 Dutiful son sends expensive talking bird to Mom, who mistakes it for a game bird and eats it. Critters: Mishaps 1 No
    38 Family pet startles man by sticking its cold nose into his genitals. Critters: Farce 1 Yes
    39 Kids leave turkey neck sticking out of Dad's pants; Mom faints when she sees cat gnawing on it. Risque: Penile 1 No
    40 Birdwatcher returns the call of rare bird only to discover he's been warbling at another birdwatcher. Critters: Farce 1 No
    41 Woman pens hilarious account of family's efforts to rescue trapped cat from garbage disposal. Critters: Disposal 1 No
    42 Swedish navy mistakes minks for enemy submarines. Critters: Gnus 1 Yes
    43 Alligators dwell in the sewers beneath New York City. Critters: Lurkers 1 No
    44 Giant catfish frighten divers sent to repair dams. Critters: Lurkers 1 No
    45 Waterskier falls into underwater nest of snakes Critters: Snakes 1 No
    46 Bargain-hunting shopper is fatally bitten by snake lurking in winter coat. Critters: Snakes 1 No
    47 Woman is impregnated by octopus eggs. Pregnant 1 Yes
    48 A man stuck in cat door without his pants is mistaken for a work of art. Embarrass: Buff 1 Yes
    49 A man who tries to retrieve his morning newspaper in the altogether is inadvertently locked out of his home. Embarrass: Buff 1 Yes
    50 A hotel guest unwittingly chooses the skylight over a restaurant as the perfect place to get an all-over tan. Embarrass: Buff 1 Claimed
    51 Africans were horrified by an American baby food company's product packaging. Business: Market 1 No
    52 Food-related cultural differences lead to humorous incidents. Travel: Foreign 1 No
    53 International cookbook compiled by California home economics teachers includes recipe for "Stuffed Camel." Food: Prepare 1 No
    54 Bride wonders about family tradition of cutting the ends off of roasts before cooking them. Weddings: Newlywed 1 No
    55 Mountain Dew will shrink testicles and lower sperm count. Medical: Potables 1 Yes
    56 The combination of shrimp and Vitamin C tablets will cause arsenic poisoning. Medical: Toxins 1 No
    57 A death curse threatens U.S. Presidents elected in years evenly divisible by twenty. History: American 1 No
    58 Town's haunted house attraction is so scary that no one has ever completed a tour of it. Horrors: Mayhem 1 Yes
    59 Chanting "Bloody Mary!" thirteen times in front of a candlelit mirror will summon a vengeful spirit. Horrors: Ghosts 1 Yes
    60 A blow-up doll left as a Christmas gift caused hilarity one Christmas. Holidays: Christmas 1 No
    61 Terrorist attempting to light the fuse to a bomb hidden in his rectum is foiled by airline personnel. Humor: Iftrue 1 No
    62 Pacific Palisades High School placed an unusual message on their school telephone answering system. Humor: Iftrue 1 No
    63 Researchers have developed genetically engineered fruit trees that bear meat. Humor: Iftrue 1 No
    64 Roto-Rooter men find lots of strange things found in customers' drains. Humor: Iftrue 1 Yes
    65 A medical study has determined that working with idiots is 'one of the deadliest forms of stress.' Humor: Iftrue 1 Yes
    66 A man comes up with an inventive way to get even with two rude fellows. Humor: Jokes 1 No
    67 Thieves mistakenly break into sperm bank and consume 'vanilla pudding' they find there. Humor: Jokes 1 No
    68 Naked woman distracts drivers by washing their windshields while her partner robs the car. Humor: Jokes 1 No
    69 Man tricked into believing he's won the lottery confesses to adulterous affair. Love: Betrayal 1 No
    70 Young man discovers pharmacist who sold him condoms is his date's father. College: Risque 1 Yes
    71 Wife traps husband and his mistress in the back of a recreational vehicle. Love: Revenge 1 No
    72 Abandoned wife receives diet ad emblazoned with "Try it!" post-it note and is inspired to kill the husband's new girlfriend, who she believes sent it to her. Love: Revenge 1 No
    73 Tourists who have taken rocks from Hawaiian beaches have returned them in hopes of ending streaks of bad luck. Luck 1 No
    74 AIDS was created by the CIA. Medical: Disease 1 No
    75 Typhoid Mary caused the deaths of thousands of people. Medical: Disease 1 No
    76 The drug Premarin is produced from the urine of pregnant horses. Medical: Drugs 1 No
    77 Man dressed as superhero knocks himself unconscious after tying wife to bed. Risque: Kinky 1 Yes
    78 Sane people are mistaken for lunatic asylum inmates. Medical: Asylum 1 No
    79 Fighting on opposite sides, father and son meet one last time on a Civil War battlefield. Found in the dying boy's pocket is the melody now known as Taps. Music: Songs 1 No
    80 Soldier serving overseas during the Gulf War receives a video of his wife having sex with other men and demanding a divorce. Military 1 No
    81 Aircraft carrier orders lighthouse to change course. Military 1 No
    82 After the Germans constructed a phony wooden airfield as a decoy during World War II, the British sent a plane to drop a wooden bomb on it. Military 1 No
    83 General George S. Patton Jr. discovered the French were honoring a latrine pit. Military 1 No
    84 Custom allows marriage-minded gals to propose to their boyfriends on February 29. Oldwives 1 No
    85 Girl is impregnated by sperm in swimming pool. Pregnant 1 No
    86 A man who has had an embryo implanted in his abdomen is engaged in the world's first human male pregnancy. Pregnant 1 Yes
    87 Childless couple discovers the cause of their infertility is a lack of sex. Pregnant 1 No
    88 Adulterous couple discovers their spouses are also having an affair. Risque: Adultery 1 No
    89 Green M&Ms are an aphrodisiac. Risque: Aphrodisiacs 1 Yes
    90 The drug clomipramine can cause orgasms in yawning patients. Risque: Aphrodisiacs 1 Yes
    91 Men think about sex every seven seconds. Science: Stats 1 No
    92 Police officer catches man screwing a pumpkin. Risque: Caught 1 No
    93 Naked woman invites her husband to "come and get it" in front of surprise party guests. Risque: Caught 1 No
    94 Couple accidentally returns erotic tape of themselves to video store. Risque: Porn 1 Yes
      95 Copulating couple becomes stuck together in a case of penis captivus. Risque: Penile 1 No
      96 A wife punishes her husband's infidelity with a hot curling iron up his backside. Risque: Revenge 1 No
      97 Woman superglues cheating partner's penis to his leg. Risque: Revenge 1 No
      98 A man seeking sexual pleasure catches his penis in a swimming pool suction fitting. Risque: Penile 1 No
      99 The penis of gangster John Dillinger is on display at a Smithsonian museum. Risque: Penile 1 No
      100 Tent trailer collapses at campground, exposing couple engaged in intercourse. Risque: Caught 1 Claimed
      101 An American tourist picked up pacing outside a foreign hotel is mistaken for a streetwalker; she avoids going to jail by purchasing a license to practice prostitution. Risque: Hookers 1 Yes
      102 FAA instructs British train engineers in the proper use of a chicken cannon. Science 1 No
      103 Scientists are predicting that the sun will explode in less than six years. Science 1 No
      104 A planet-dissolving dust cloud will wipe out the solar system in 2014. Science 1 No
      105 Golfer is poisoned by chewing on his tee. Horrors: Poison 1 No
      106 Waterproof sunscreen causes blindness. Inboxer: Household 1 Yes
      107 Airplane pilot's risqué comment into open mike is overheard by passengers. Risque: Tattled 1 Yes
      108 Imported cactus explodes and spews baby tarantulas everywhere. Horrors: Insects 1 Yes
      • McKay/Sheppard story claimed by krysalys
      109 Clown statue that spooks babysitter turns out to be a man hiding in the house. Horrors: Madmen 1 No
      110 Bug enters person's ear and eats its way through his brain. Horrors: Insects 1 Yes
      111 A hand-held police radar unit successfully tracked a military aircraft on maneuvers, nearly causing the aircraft to fire a missile in response. Horrors: Techno 1 No
      112 Bride-to-be sends over-the-top list of instructions to her attendants. Weddings: Embarrass 1 Yes
      113 A couple who return to the hotel where they honeymooned are shocked to discover their wedding night activities were videotaped and made available to other guests. Weddings: Newlywed 1 No
      114 A vengeful Muslim wife does in her husband's new wife by hiding a scorpion in the bride's wig. Weddings: Horrors 1 No