The Lazarus Curse by Gaia

This story is completed
John Sheppard is not who he seems. Crossover with Harry Potter.
Spoilers: Childhood’s End, Conversion, The Game, Common Ground, the Siege
Notes: As I started writing this fic before ‘The Deathly Hallows’ came out and the elements of the end of the war (and the people who died) in this version are much different, we’re just all going to have to pretend that I wasn’t Jossed bigtime.
Added: 2007/09/13
John Sheppard is not who he seems. Rodney dedicates himself to figuring out what’s wrong with his oddly-distant lover at the same time as a mysterious man sets out on a journey to find Atlantis.
Added: 2007/09/13
Rodney gets jealous, Remus gets curious, Draco is saved, and Ronon shoots things. Also, John explains a few things and Hermiod receives a gift.
Added: 2007/09/13
James back in Hogwarts, Rodney in Diagon Alley, Draco in a heroic role, Wraith in the marshland, Harry in mortal peril and John in Rodney.