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NC-17 // Angst // Noncon // 0 words // 2004/02/29
Spoilers: Unexpected, Shockwave, Similtude, Desert Crossing, First Flight.
When Jon was awarded captaincy of Enterprise, he and Trip decided to end their fledgling relationship. Years later, tragic events in the expanse force Jon to remember their relationship and reconsider.
Be (10 chapters)
NC-17 // Angst // Sad // 0 words // 2004/04/20 - 2004/04/20
Spoilers: Major for the entire Xindi War arc
After Archer leaves for Azati Prime, Trip falls apart. Malcolm is left with the pieces.
PG-13 // Angst, Futurefic // AU, Character Death, Dark, Sad, Violence // 0 words // 2004/05/12
Enterprise destroys the Xindi weapon. Archer finally puts his lover first, but will that doom them both?
Archer/Tucker, Tucker/other
NC-17 // Angst // 0 words // 2004/05/20
Enterprise visits a culture with a truly equitable way of life. Trip must face his hidden prejudices. Jon debates whether or not to reveal the only secret he has ever really kept from his best friend. T'Pol learns about the logic of love. Hoshi messes around with pronouns. The captain finds out how to win a war that is already written.
Archer/Tucker, Tucker/Reed friendship
PG-13 // Established relationship, Humor // Fluff // 0 words // 2004/05/29
Trip and Malcolm have another shuttlepod adventure. Fighting a concussion, Trip makes some interesting confessions.
NC-17 // Futurefic, Humor // AU // 0 words // 2004/06/18
A day of shore leave in the great outdoors
brings Reed and Hayes to finally act on their mutual attraction, even if the forces of nature have other plans. Trip finally manages to out himself and the captain with the help of an ‘enlightened’ member of the Kingdom Fungi. Everyone else (and Porthos) has a
wild old time.
NC-17 // Angst // Het // 0 words // 2004/08/23
T'Pol undergoes Pon Farr and must find a mate. Will she choose Archer or Tucker? What if her choosen mate is already promised?
Archer/Tucker, Reed/Hayes preslash
PG-13 // Angst, Established relationship, Humor // 0 words // 2004/08/24
Spoilers: Countdown, Zero Hour, Harbinger
Prequel to 'What it Looks Like.' Anyone wonder what exactly happened in sickbay while Hayes was recovering from his chest wound? Drugged Hoshi and Hayes banter, Doctor mothering, a smattering of Archer/Tucker angst, and Malcolm-watching.
Beneath a Paper Moon (8 chapters)
NC-17 // Angst, Futurefic // AU, DubCon, Het UST, Kink, Violence // 0 words // 2007/09/13 - 2007/09/13
Spoilers: : Hatchery, Harbinger, Countdown, the Communicator.
Stranded alone on a planet where war is outlawed and violence is punished by death, Reed and Hayes struggle to make a new life for themselves.